Wonderfest 2014 Show Report
(Page Eight - Jim Capone's "Mastering Metallics" Program)


I had previously thought that Jimís painting program was scheduled to begin at 2:30. However, when I looked closely at the program, I noticed that it had actually begun at 2:00.

Upon arriving at the designated room, I snuck in through a side door, and found an empty seat.

Jim Capone (in my humble opinion), is probably ONE OF THE VERY BEST figure painters currently in the industry today. I initially became aware of Jimís work (ironically at a previous Wonderfest Show). At it, there were two very, VERY nicely painted Wonder Woman figures out on display.

Upon close scrutiny, I saw that the flesh-tones of the heroines REALLY looked like miniature representations of an actual ladyís skin. Instead of just seeing a flesh-tone with highlights and shadowing, there were actually traces of multiple colors happening in the skin, (which would be seen in the real thing).

There were some barely detectable browns and tans and golds and pinks, most subtly imbedded in the skin tones.

Jim was also one of the guys who helped conduct GarageKits.Us class on painting Lady Clankingon the previous day, (which was a Steampunk figure with all sorts of metallics incorporated into her).

When I arrived at Jim's painting program, he had already applied a black base coat, and was beginning to apply some metallic paints on.

I (unfortunately) did not take any notes during Jimís demonstration, and alas, my memory isn't as good as it use to be. However, Jim was kind enough to supply me with the following notes from his program:

"My main point was that metallics shouldn't be treated differently. They need dark, medium and highlight shades just like regular opaque colors.

I airbrush whenever possible. Often masking with Silly Putty for over an hour to permit airbrushed effects.

I usually use water based paints. I reserve Alclad and enamels for accent areas. I did the Lady Clakington with GarageKit.Us colors.

The composition of metallics can cause some airbrushing issues with clogging. Typically I add a little "Future" and push up the pressure. I never have problems using them. HOWEVER anyone who was there will tell you that THIS time I had problems. So frustrating and embarrassing!

When brush painting by hand I'll use Golden brand. Great for dry brushing as well. Airbrush paints donít work well for hand painting. Although sometimes I let several drops of the GK color sit for a couple minutes then use a little paper towel, touch the surface, and draw off the thin liquid floating on the top. What's left is now more opaque and can be brushed.

I've found several brands of metallic watercolors. Great for detail work when you canít afford mistakes. Any flaws with the watercolor can easily be wiped clean.

Rub 'n Buff is easy to use and adds a nice metallic finish. Itís a wax based product. Like the name says, apply a little to the surface, let dry for a minute or two, then buff lightly with a clean cloth for shine.

That's about it in a nutshell!


I stayed to the end, before heading back out (to Vendor Room #2).

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