Wonderfest 2014 Show Report
(Page Thirty - Cool Scenery Enhancers by "Crazy" Joe Nejberger)


Crazy Joe had conducted (what appeared to be) the first part of a two-part, related program at 10 am. His first program was titled "Dinosaur Detailing". (Unfortunately, I missed it).

However, at 11 he started a second program, (titled "Cool Scenery Enhancers").

Looking at the W-Fest program guide, I had absolutely no idea what it would be about.

When I arrived at the associated room, I STILL didn't realize what Joe was doing, until around half-way into his progam...(Joe was creating different types of plants to be used to complement a Dinosaur display - or any other type of jungle scene, for that matter).

Joe showed a pretty unique, brilliant way to make these miniature plants.

He started out with some tissue paper - (the kind you find inside those nice, dress shirts). The other items he used were some Elmers Spray Adhesive, along with some thin-gauge, slightly rigid wire.

He started his procedure by positioning (over a piece of his paper) long, straight sections of his wire. They were parallel with one another, separated from each another by 1 - 2 inches. (A small section of the wires were allowed to protrude out of the bottom).

Next, he sprayed the entire wire and paper setup with his spray adhesive. Following this, he laid another sheet of his paper, (which was the same size as his first), over the first, with the wires sandwiched in-between.

When the glue had dried, he carefully cut strips of the paper away, (with the wire attachments remaining in the center of each strip).

At this point, using some small scissors Joe cut out an edged pattern, to bring his paper-&-wires to life as plant leaves.
Airbrush painting of these miniature leaves using greens and yellows brought them to life.
The protruding wires found at the bottom enabled his customize foliage to be conveniently inserted into the base of the associated scene.

And finally, because each plant leaf had a wire base, they could be posed in an almost infinite number of positions.

I hung around after Joe's program was over, (to ask him some remaining, nagging questions), and then it was back to the contest room, to complete my picture taking.

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