Wonderfest 2010 Show Report
(Page Twelve: Hardware Modeling Basics)

Sunday morning arrived waaay too soon. Since we (and I) had a BUNCH of things to do, (all before 12 noon), I pulled my weary body out of bed and got ready.

First, since we'd be checking out at 12 noon, I packed all of my stuff and loaded it into the car.

Since David had decided to stick around the room until checkout, we went down to the front desk and paid the bill.

I then drove over to the show, (with my box of modeling goodies). I was scheduled to conduct my Hardware Modeling Basics Demo at 10 am, and needed to arrive there at least a half an hour early, (in order to set up the numerous supplies I had for it).

I arrived at a bit before 9:30, located Brian L., (the guy coordinating the vehicle How-To Programs), and proceeded to set my materials and modeling-props up.

10:00 came, I conducted my talk, answering the questions that popped up.

(You can view what I discussed by going here).

At a bit before 11:00 am I was finished. I (laboriously) packed up all of my supplies, and decided to leave the associated box in the Demo room, to be picked up later.

Since I was looking at a VERY LONG DAY ahead of me - (we would be jumping on the road to return home at the end of the show) - and since I had not yet had a bite to eat, it was back to the hotel's restaurant, (for a Breakfast Buffet).

After finishing my meal, I headed back to the contest room. I had around 3 hours to finish my picture taking of the remaining models in the contest.

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