Wonderfest 2006 Show Report

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Monday, July 24, 2006

The latest saga of the Wonderful Wonderfest Show took place on the Memorial-Day Weekend of May 27th. After being unable to attend this show for FOUR YEARS STRAIGHT – (two of the years due to a most uncooperative job)– I was FINALLY able to get my tail back down to Louisville, Kentucky to experience this most memorable modeling event.

This go-round, in place of taking the family along I ended taking my youngest brother David with me. Even though David does not build models – (nor has he ever) – he wasn’t doing anything else during the weekend and was interested in checking out the show. (In addition, his assistance with the 12-plus hour trip by car would be helpful.)

Things were falling into place nicely prior to Wonderfest, with me being able to snag a last-minute reservation at the Executive West a week before the show. In addition, my most generous boss at my new job was kind enough to allow me to take a half-day vacation on that Friday afternoon, (so I could jump on the road early…or, that was the plan at least.)

Unfortunately, you know what they say about the best-laid plans…. After a BUNCH of distractions and last-minute tasks we ultimately got onto the PA Turnpike at just before 5 pm. – (Hmmmm. I could have probably saved those 4-hours of vacation I took and just left from work at the regular time.)

I ended up driving straight through to Lousiville, with us arriving at the Hotel at something around 5:30 Saturday morning. Needless to say, both David and I were in a good zombie-like state of mind upon our arrival. (I guess this was appropriate for the type of show we would be attending shortly.)

Fortunately, the hotel’s restaurant opened up at 7:30, which allowed us to get some food into our system and raise our energy levels.

In addition, we were able to get checked in early at 10:00 am. Unfortunately for us, that gave us a mere 1 hour of rest before the festivities for the day began.

Once I saw the already forming long line for the vendors' room and picked up our show passes the ole’ heart started a-pumping and the juices started a-flowing.


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