The idea for my design sprouted originally not from designing a large battleship/dreadnaught, but rather designing a warp nacelle for a large vessel. The nacelle was rather wild looking. However, I couldn't get it to go with the designs that I kept making for the rest of the vessel. I finally hit upon the "Gull Wing" pylon concept and tweaked it this way and that, but couldn't get the new nacelles to look quite right. In the end, I dropped the radical warp engine design and concentrated on the rest of the ship itself.


I chose a more conventional looking nacelle, in the basic concept of a very up-scaled Sovereign Class style with mild design changes. Then, I continued to tweak the overall design until I was satisfied.


The specs are as follows:

Name: U.S.S. Thunderstruck

Ident Number: NX-81001

Ship's Motto; "Where zen ends.... ass kicking begins"


Length:1600m (aprox.)

Width:1200m (aprox.)

Height: 500m (aprox.)


Crew: 2700 (most are engineers and maintenance)

175 carried craft personnel

Total: 2875


4 Warp Nacelles

1 Impulse Engine Cluster divided into three engines

Max Standard Cruise: Warp 8.5

Emergency: Warp 9.98, 24 hrs max.




3 Matter/Antimatter Reactors

Fuel; Helium/Anti-helium (more bang for the buck)

Reactor #1: Propulsion

Reactor #2: Offensive Systems

Reactor #3: Defensive Systems/Shipboard Systems

Reactors can be interchanged with each other's purposes. They can be shut down for maintenance while the others assume full load responsibilities. The vessel is capable of running on one alone at a seriously depleted level.


Shields: 3 independent systems capable of autorotation designed never to hit the same frequency.


1 experimental shield termed the "Roundabout". A beam weapon impacting on this shield begins dissipating around the shield envelope. When the energy converges back at the impact zone, a beam roughly 45% of the original's strength is emitted back along the trajectory.


Weapons: Torp tubes/Quantum and Photon capable

Fixed positions:12 Forward,10 Aft


Rotary/Retractables:10 double turrets-similar to those mounted on DS9's weapons sails

Total: 44




Phasers (all are collimated):

Single Strip Units: 9

Dual (Parallel): 6

Total: 21


Carried Craft:

25 Armored Assault 4-man Shuttles

15 Modified Runabouts:5 man-3 nacelles, carries a pure weapons module

30 Standard Shuttles: Various types and models

40 Work bees



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