by William M. Hatfield




I created my "Project Spyglass" just for the fun of it. I wanted something that would work in tandem with the popular non-cannon Akayzai Class Perimeter Action ships, sort of an "SR-71" for Starfleet to help coordinate other groups activities. Since I designed it to fit the movie era, I assume this means the adversaries would primarily be the Klingons and Romulans. Maybe this could be an early vessel for "Section 31," after being introduced to that organization in DS9.


I have not worked out all the details for it. There is the basic list of things on the diagram itself. The vessel itself does not have sides that taper inward towards the tail such as a Miranda Class, and of course, none of the raised decks above the hull exist.


The underside would be an extension of the curved contour running all the way to the rear of the ship. For those familiar with FASA's Derf class, that vessel's main hull would be a rough approximation, but in the movie style shape and details. 






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