Bandai's Perfect Grade MS-06S Zaku II
Principality of Zeon
Char Aznable's Customize Mobile Suit



Height: 17.5 m.
Weight: 56.2 t.
Fullroad weight: 74.5 t.
Material: Titanium-alloy & ceramics hybrid armor.
Generator output: 976 Kw.
Thruster general output: 48.500 Kg.
Armaments: Zake maching Gun - (1), Heat Hawk - (1).
Parts total (listed): 551 plastic.

November 3, 2001


With all of the recent Gundam activity, I decided to dust off my Perfect Grade Zaku (that I had obtained earlier on this year) and write an out-of-box review on it.

This P.G. Zaku is one of two that Bandi currently produces. The other, (the green version) is the MS-06S.

Just as was the case with the P.G. Zeta, the Zaku is also impressive. To start out with, the kit comes in a HUGE brown box (that is slightly smaller than the Zeta's). Its dimensions are 23" wide, 4" high and 12&5/8" deep.

When the box is opened, found in the center is a smaller box that measures 7&3/4" wide, 3&3/4" high and 12&1/8"deep. Found both inside this box and on either side of it are the kit's parts.


Even though the part total for the Zaku is listed at 551, I counted only 549 plastic pieces...(Yeah, I know, nit-pickey, ain't I?).

The parts are molded in color. There are: 275 black pieces, 121 pink/orangish colored parts, 14 burgundy colored parts, 2 purple colored parts, 1 red part, 8 gray parts, 5 clear parts, 15 chrome plated parts, and 108 dark gray, flexible "cap-stan" pieces.


There is a large decal sheet and a smaller one, both of which are composed of peal-off decals. (Personally, I would have prefered the regular type).

The metal parts that make up the kit are 6 small flexible springs, 2 smaller coil springs, 1 LED light, 2 small (electrical) wires, 4 miscellanous rigid wires and 43 small screws. (With the addition two small batteries, this beasty can be made to light up).


There is also both an Instruction Manual and a Construction Manual. The Construction Manual actually contains the instructional steps for assembling the model.


The Instruction Manual contains color diagrams and pics of a built-up Zaku. In addition, it contains sections on Historical Facts, Details, Practical Uses, Weapons, and a Test Report on the Zaku. Unfortunately most of the text is written in Japanese.


The parts have no detectable flash, no sinkmarks and are molded with some very fine detail that includes recessed panel lines. There is even a small 1:60 scale Char figure that goes into the cockpit/control compartment.

All-in-all, this model really is very impressive.

This Zaku, once assembled and painted will complement quite nicely the other P.G. Gundams that Bandi has produced.

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