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Sunday, April 21, 2002


Model Number: XXXG-00W0

Pilot: Heero Yuy

Height: 16.7 meters
Weight: 8.0 tons

Material: Gundanium Alloy

Generator output: 3732 kw
Thruster general output: 88150 kg
Armaments: Twin Buster Rifle (1), Beam Sabre (2), Machine Cannon (2)

Total number of parts: 679: 505 plastic & rubber parts, 138 small screws washers, nuts & small rods, 18 white metal parts, 11 springs and small rigid wires, 4 lengths of flexible electrical wire, 2 small lights and 1 small switch.


Recently, I obtained a number of new Perfect Grade Gundam model kits. Although I originally wanted to do a full in-box review on a P.G. before writing any more Out Of Box reviews, my desire to do a quick review of this exquisitely detailed model ultimately won out.


The W-Gundam Zero Custom was purchased from a seller at Ebay. This is the fourth Perfect Grade Gundam kit that Bandai had released to date.


As is typical with all of their P.G. Monstrosities, this one is also in 1:60 scale. The built up robot towers at between 12 - 14 inches in height. In addition, its parts come molded in a multitude of colors.


The kit is built up in "layers," with a very detailed looking endo-skeleton forming the foundation. Afterwards, the outer panels that give this Gundam its unique look are attached.

There are all sorts of hatches, doors and panels that open up once the Gundam is complete.


With the many movable joints located throughout the robot, the W-Gundam Zero Custom can be positioned in an endless array of poses.


This particular PG comes with 14 very flexible, rubber wing tips that can also be moved in different positions as well. (The associated wing structure is what gives this Gundam its unique look).


Surprisingly, there are no decals for this robot. However, with the lighted areas and the very colorful Dark Grey, Dark Blue, Off White, Red, Silver, Yellow, Clear Pink and Chrome Silver Plated plastic parts, it really doesn't need any.

Just as is the case with the P.G. Zeta and the Zaku, this kit also comes impressively packaged. The dimensions of the silver colored box are 23 inches wide, 4 & 1/2 inches high and 12 & 1/2 inches deep.


The inside of the box is subdivided into three sections. There is a small, cardboard box that contains the more fragile and small parts. This includes all of the metal pieces.



As is also the case with the other PG's, this kit comes with both a Construction Manual and an Instruction Manual.

The Construction Manual lists a parts breakdown at the beginning, followed by showing the directions that explain how to build the kit.



Even though the writing is in Japanese, the very straightforward, easy to follow instructions (that contain a WHOLE LOT of pictures and arrows) makes it easy to understand the steps.


The Instruction Manual contains all sorts of very good-looking color pictures of the assembled W-Gundam.

In addition, there are a number of 3-D drawings of different areas of this very elegant and graceful Gundam.



As mentioned previously, there are just under 700 pieces that compose this kit. In addition, the kit is listed as not requiring glue for assembly. (All of those small screws and nuts help out here). You still may want to reinforce the attachment points with a bit of liquid cement, though.


Even though this kit comes with multiple colored parts, to really create a dynamite looking Gundam, you should plan on painting them.


Found below are pictures of these parts still on the sprue:



The parts are molded in exquisite detail. They have no flash, no sink marks and no pin ejection marks that can be detected. There is even a 1:60 scale figure that sits inside the cockpit.


Bandai has accurately captured the beauty of the P.G. W-Gundam Zero Custom, while still giving you a hint of its Raw Power. (Sounds poetic, doesn't it? J ).


For those of you interested, you can order a P.G. W-Gundam Zero Custom from Hobby Link Japan, at:


(Happy Hunting and Happy Building!)


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