Back in the 80's, Hasegawa released a very interesting and unique sci-fi model. It was actually two 1:144 scale model kits boxed together. The first was a NASA Space Shuttle. The second was a spacecraft Hasegawa called a Carrier. The Space Shuttle could be positioned on top of the Carrier, simulating the two craft being docked together.



The novelty with these two kits is that they could also be combined together, resulting in a completely different 1:48 scale craft called a Patrol Hopper. With this version, the Space Shuttle was positioned upside down, becoming the top portion of the Hopper.



The kit came with an 18 page instructional booklet, smoke colored clear pieces, and an impressive 229 parts! In typical Hasegawa fashion, the parts look very good, being free of flash with very crisp detail. They are molded in white. There is even a packet of screws and metal pieces which come with the kit.



Shortly afterwards Monogram imported and released this same kit. They boxed it up and called it an Eagle Lunar Explorer, in the Young Astronauts series.



This kit was identical to Hasegawa's original kit. Monogram even used the directions from the original instructional booklet, making subtle changes to the steps.




Both kits were in production for a number of years, before ultimately being discontinued.


I am not sure, but I think Hasegawa re-released this kit sometime in the 90's.


Even though these models are now out of production, one can still periodically locate them through used kit dealers. In addition, they pop up every now and then at Ebay.


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