2014 Miniature Figure Collectors of America
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(Page Eight - Matt Cexwish's Painting Realistic Wood & Applying Weathering Effects on Wood Finishes Program)


Matt ended up conducting the second part of his painting program after Phillippe.
• He also used a “wet-pallet” for his program. This turned out to be a metal, slightly rusted box which had a hinged lid on top; Matt had a saturated section of a paper towel lining the bottom of his box, designed to help his paints remain moist.
• Matt also used Golden’s acrylic paints in his program.
• He stressed the importance of having really good, accurate reference material - (actual books or pictures of wooden items) - using this as the foundation of the wooden project.
• Matt started out by showing multiple color pictures of a variety of different types of actual wood; included were trees (some with and without an outer bark covering), newly built wooden structures along with more worn and aged wooden structures.
• Matt planned on using a "wooden" gate he went about constructing from small sections of Evergreen (strip) plastic; he used an X-acto knife to arbitrarily nick sections of the edges away, along with using the tip of a narrow, blunt device to add in indentions and scratches. (His addition of the nicks, scratches, indentions and damaged areas were to those areas which would be receiving the most amount of damage and wear).
• Matt suggested that it was better to create your wooden object from scratch instead of buying a pre-made object.
• He primed his wooden gate with several thin coatings of black paint.

(As with Phillippe’s painting program, I also was unable to remain at Matt’s for the duration; because of this, these are all of the notes I ended up taking. - :~( ).

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