Out Of The Box Review on the

GOD Gundam N000/13 NJII


(in 1/100 scale)


February 11, 2002

by Jordan Conner

(email: JACBoogie@aol.com)


A few days ago I received the NEW Master Grade God Gundam. This is a 1/100 scale, plastic injection kit that Bandai produces. It’s a snap together kit and comes with a variety of small screws.


The God Gundam is molded in different colors and can be assembled right out of the box. However, if you're like me, this won't happen.


The God Gundam comes with an array of different parts that includes screws, nuts, and Poly Caps - (those little teflon, flexible plastic parts that make this an EXTREMELY articulated kit).


There are over 250 pieces that compose this kit! This is a lot of parts for such a small model (Geeeeeeeeeee!)


The God Gundam comes with an “Action Frame” which is basically an endoskeleton that you assemble. The outer parts attach to it. This actually resembles the endoskeleton of the PG Wing Zero and other Perfect Grade Gundams.



From looking at the manual, it appears that you could just assemble the "Action Frame" by itself. However, in order to complete the model, you would have to backtrack a few steps...(It might be worth it to play with it in its "Action Frame" state for a while, though?????)


The parts on the sprue are pictured below:



Ok if you’re a Gundam Fan like me and you really want a nicely painted and great looking model, what else is there to want, boys and girls???? Hmmmm? How about POSEABILITY!!!!! This mecha design from Bandi has it all!!!! It is totally flexible for a 1/100-scale kit. In fact, it is one of the MOST articulate kits that I have seen to date. The God Gundam can kneel down on one knee, fold his arms together and do a really cool sidekick.



Also, he can use his “extra” God Fingers to simulate the pose found on the front cover and from the animated series.


Four sets of hands are included in the kit. I think the God Gundam comes with so many because none of the fingers on any of the hands move!


One set is used to hold the Beam Sabers, two fists make up a second set, two “fighting” hands compose the third and the fourth are hands that have translucent orange "god" fingers! Again....sadly, none of the fingers move.


The bottom of the feet and the hands are composed of soft plastic. There are some visible hydraulic parts in the knees. They aren’t chrome dipped, but hey, they are still really cool looking.


The Core Lander, which is a small flying aircraft or spacecraft that the pilot uses to get in the Gundam, has moveable wings and a hatch that opens.


Additional parts that are included are 2 beam sabers. These are the cool God Gundam types that have a “samurai” look to them - they have a little curve on them and everything.


The Core Lander comes with a small……(and let me say that again "SMALL") pilot.


Along with the small pilot, though, the God Gundam also includes a rather impressive looking 1/10 scale figure that is a standing version of the Pilot. His pose is better than the 1/100 scale GUNDAM WING ENDLESS WALTZ model figures. The God Gundam figure is standing in a more traditional "fighting" stance, rather than the normal stiff poses that the GWEW figures come in.


This particular figure has a small “earthy” base for one foot, along with a small "flowing" headband that yields a really good battle pose for the pilot.


He is standing next to my Duo Maxwell from the Deathscythe Hell Custom, (and the God Gundam pilot looks like he could take Duo out)! Ha-ha.


All and all, this kit looks great! It has a ton of parts and a lot of "goodies", such as Beam Sabers that clip onto the belt, Machine Cannons that can fold down into the armor, different types of hands, the Core Lander and the “Fighting Action” endoskeleton that allows this bad boy to be posed in just about any position, along with being well balanced and very sturdy.


If you like the God Gundam series or if you just want a great looking, very cool and poseable Gundam model, I suggest that you pick this one up! You won’t be disappointed.



(Please note that the pictures found of the assembled God Gundam were obtained from the Hobby Link Japan Site, here ).


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