The (HUGE) 1:144 Scale HG


(E.F.S.F. Prototype Foothold Defensive Mobile Armor)

Monday, April 22, 2002


Model Number: RX-78GP03

Total Length: 140.0 meters

Length: 73.0 meters

Total Height: 38.5 meters

Total Width: 62.0 meters

Total Weight: 453.1 tons

Generator Output: 38,900 kW

Thruster General Output: 377,500 kg (x 6)

Material: Luna-Titanium Alloy

Armaments: Mega Beam Cannon, Large Beam Saber,

I-Field Generator, Micro Missile, Demolition Chain,

Large bundled missile.

Designed and Built: by Anaheim Electronics

Total number of parts: 595: 461 plastic parts, 44 flexible capstan parts, 89 screws, 8 springs, 3 large thin, rigid metal parts and a small metallic finished decal sheet (with peal-off decals) for the Gundam.





This is the largest model kit (size wise) that Bandai has EVER produced! Once assembled, it comes in at a WHOPPING 40 inches in length!


During the winter of 2001, Hobby Link Japan announced the upcoming release of this MASSIVE, PLASTIC MONSTER!! The timing of it was impeccable, with the Mobile Suit Gundam 0083 Stardust Memory series scheduled to start appearing on the Cartoon Network. (This Mechanized Monstrosity is featured in the final three episodes).


When HLJ announced a 10% discount on all pre-orders for the kit, I was hooked! This was enough to pull me in (and push me right over the edge!) The leftover OT money that I recent made had just been itching to be spent anyway.J .


I promptly placed an order and (patiently?) waited for the kit to be released, followed by waiting a bit longer for my kit to be shipped out to me. Just a couple of weeks ago the Dendrobium finally arrived!


I was BLOWN AWAY when I saw the size of the box it arrived in. As large as those Perfect Grade Gundam boxes are, they all dwarf in comparison to the HUGE box the Dendrobium comes in!



(This box reminded me more of a suitcase than anything else. It even has a plastic handle built into its top).



The box's dimensions are 27 & 1/2 inches wide, 15 & 3/4 inches high, and a foot deep.

Inside the box are found two smaller boxes, labeled Container A and Container B. Each is 15 & 1/2 inches wide, 13 inches high, and 11 & 1/2 inches deep.


When placed side-by-side, they form different pictures that are continued from one to the other.


In addition to all of the parts that composed these two kits - (the Dendrobium flying vehicle "Orchis" and the smaller RX-78GP03 "Stamen" Gundam) - a DVD is also included.


With the download and installation of a DVD utility that allows different regions to be selected for the DVD Player on my Computer, I was in business.


I viewed the 10-minute animation segment showing this BIG, Futuristic Weapon of Mass Destruction wrecking havoc of all those poor, pitiful mobile suits that the Zeon had fielded.


The miniature - (relatively speaking) 1:144 scale Stamen Gundam is probably around 5 or 6 inches in height when complete. (This GP03 nestles snugly in the center of the Orchis).


Ok, onto the parts. As I mentioned, there are just under 600 parts that make up the Dendrobium and the GP03. Actually, surprisingly here, these are fewer parts than make up a number of the Perfect Grade Gundams. However, these parts are much, MUCH LARGER!


The Orchis has parts molded in the colors Dark Gray, Off White and Clear Pink. The RX-78GP03 Stamen Gundam has parts composed of the colors White, Red, Yellow, and Blue. In addition, there is a small, metallic peel-off and stick-on decal sheet for this Gundam.


Surprisingly, there are no decals for Dendrobium Vehicle.


Despite the large size of some of the parts, they all are molded in very fine, crisp detail. They have no flash, no sink marks, and no detectable pin ejection marks on them.


This kit includes features like a weapon container located at the top of the Dendrobium with hatches that open. There are removable weapons of all sorts, including a Micro Missile, a Large Bundled Missile, a folding Bazooka, two large Claw arms, and an I-Field generator. There are many other parts that move and pivot and open and close.


Differing from the Perfect Grade Gundams is the fact that this "High Grade" kit comes only with a Construction Manual. At the beginning is a listing of the parts, followed by the directions for assembling the Dendrobium and the GP03. Numerous colorful pictures of the built up model are interspersed throughout the booklet.


The easy-to-follow steps make building this vehicle and associated robot pilot a breeze -(just make sure you take your time!)


This kit is listed as requiring no glue for assembly. All those small screws and the snap-tite characteristics of the parts are designed to hold everything in place, (I, personally would probably use some liquid cement to help secure everything a bit better). 


The only potential problem I see with this very large kit is where I'll be able to display this 40-inch long kit once it is built?


Bandai really done-good with this one!


You can order your RX-78GP03 GundamGP03 Dendrobium kit through the Hobby Link Japan Site, at:

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