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(Spring 2003 Show - Friday's Show - The Dealers)

Sunday, May 4th, 2003

This year's Spring Chiller Show took place on Friday, April 25th through Sunday, April 27th. This time around I decided to only attend Friday evening's Show. Since I've been trying to put more time in on my uncompleted modeling projects (and get something new finished that can be entered into a model contest), I decided to skip Saturday's Show, (along with the many kewl models that I'm sure showed up in the contest).

Since I wanted to pick up some new figure kits along with seeing what other interesting items would be out for sale, I decided that a "short" visit to Friday's show would be sufficient.

I ended up taking the day off and picked up my buddy Gene about an hour before the show began. Then, it was up the New Jersey Turnpike, (fighting the numerous rush-hour traffic jams that we ran into) until we arrived at the Sheraton Meadowlands. I exchanged the ticket that I had purchased ahead of time for a wristband and headed up to the Vendor's room.

I tracked down John Diaz (at Jayco) and exchanged a Far East Imports "Webscrawler" kit that I had originally purchased at October's Show. In addition I talked with him a bit, took some pictures of the newly sculpted Daredevil figure that he had out along with numerous other build-ups that were on display.

Before leaving, good-ole John generously gave me a flex-i-file set, to assist with the removal of excess resin on figure kits. (THANKS, JOHN!!!)

Next, I went to the Amoktime table, chatted a bit with a guy named Jim and finally decided to pick up three of the superhero kits that they were selling. (I had actually wanted to pick up a total of SIX or SEVEN of their kits, including the Wrecker along with the newly released Nightcrawler, Nightwing and Hawkman). However, I decided to behave myself (and save my credit card from melting down). Ultimately I bought Thor, Hercules and The Absorbingman (that I had been been eyeballing since last year).


I then headed over to the Alternative Images table, and was overwhelmed by the new, numerous superhero kits that they had out. Included were a new Ironman, a new Daredevil, a new Thanos, a new Spiderman, a new Batgirl and a new Wonderwoman.


After taking pics there and chatting with the sculptor of the newly sculpted figures I headed over to the other Vendor room. I picked up David Fisher's Model Mania Volume One Video and dropped by to talk with Tom Parker alomg with a number of other vendors who were set up.

I hung out a bit longer at the show, caught up with Gene and decided to head home.

This show, as usual was fun to attend. I finally picked up three of the four Amoktime superhero kits I had been salivating over since last year's show, was able to get a new Webcrawler kit (for a diorama that I have plans for), and talked with quite a few vendors who I know.

Although I missed the excitement of Saturday's show, I also missed the crowds as well. - (Friday's show tends to have less in attendance, and hence the Vending rooms are easier to navigate).

This Fall I'll be back attending Saturday's Show. Hopefully I'll have something for the contest.

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